Granger Cafe Introduces Disability Access

Granger Café is a local favourite in Carnegie. Hearth used the café as an early office before the team outgrew the space and a more permanent space was needed. The café is known for its contemporary-classic Australian dishes and great coffee. French Toast and a Salmon Nourish Bowl are popular favourites among the locals. The staff are friendly and hospitable and Nick Granger who is a new father and the founder of Granger café,has a family-orientated approach to hospitality. 

The Scanlons have been regulars at the café for many years and Tristan Scanlon loves to order a chocolate milk. It was exciting news for the Scanlons and other families, when Nick announced he would be modifying the café for disability access. Tristan has Cerebral Palsy and requires assistance, using his walker and bicycle; both engineered to suit his condition. In their most recent report, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that 1 in 5 Australians live with a disability and 78.5% of this population have a physical impairment. Specifically, 14.9% of the population require disability access.

Building a disability ramp can be an economic strain particularly for small businesses like Granger café. Disability access includes grab rails, hand-held showers and ramps. These modifications are integral for disability access into community venues and public facilities. The prevalence of disability and an ageing population in Australia attest to such infrastructure modification. Ultimately, investing in disability access is an economic advantage for businesses. 

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