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Hearths Kelly Quirk Explains Hearths Approach to Positive Behaviour Support

Thanks to those who attended the Hearth Update Zoom on Monday night. It is always great to connect and to be able to share the changes and improvements Hearth continues to make to its services. We rely heavily on your feedback as a guiding light for anything we do. To those clients/participants that have provided constructive feedback thank you we really appreciate it! If you want to give us your feedback, please click here and complete our 3-minute survey.

Specifically, we discussed the following.

  1. Improvements to our Hearth Support Worker Service

We remain committed to providing sustainable support and central to our approach is the Hearth Relationship Manager who we provide at no cost to the participant.

The Relationship Managers role remains focused on ensuring the participant has consistent well matched and suitably trained Support Workers.

The Relationship Manager is supported by several Hearth teams i.e., Recruitment, Training, Human Resources, Compliance, Finance, Information Technology and Communication. In addition, we have improved our process and procedures across the board and introduced more software e.g., Workable, Bamboo HR, EdApp, Avaya and Snapforms to ensure we are delivering on our promise.

We continue to use the Ryver App as our main communication platform for our participants their family/guardian and their support team. If you are currently not using Ryver and would like to know more about it, please ask your Relationship Manager to explain how it works and or how to get access to it.

Another key tool in the Hearth armoury is DEPUTY our scheduling App which we have customised to ensure we provide you with the best possible service. If you would like access to DEPUTY or like to know more about it, please contact your Relationship Manager.

To give you piece of mind and to respond to your needs our 1800 number is staffed 24hours a day 365 days a year so please call 1800 894 013 if you need assistance

We realise the value of continued investment in our support workers training, development, and overall conditions to ensure we can recruit and retain the best.

The number of clients/participants with complex disabilities that we now support 24/7 has grown substantially and as a result, we have built this capability into our DNA and have simultaneously created career pathways for our growing Support Worker team.

We have expanded our geographical coverage right across metropolitan Melbourne and are currently planning to expand into sections of regional Victoria whilst not allowing growth to diminish the quality of our service.

  • Hearth Allied Health & Positive Behaviour Support Updates

Why Hearth Allied Health and Positive Behaviour Support?

Our experience supporting participants over the last 4 years lead us to believe that participants particularly those with higher needs were not always receiving the right support because of limited access to the right practitioners.

Our experience also led us to believe that support teams were not always working efficiently and effectively together which clearly impacts negatively on client /participant outcomes.

With client/participant outcomes in mind we decided to create a true interdisciplinary service offering to connect and support the participant’s goals as one connected team.

The biggest challenge we have faced in realising our goal has been the lack of Allied Health and Positive Behaviour Support sector capacity. In other words, the demand as you would know, for Allied Health and Positive Behaviour Support practitioners far out ways supply causing real challenges for the sector!

My solution build Hearth Allied Health and Positive Behaviour Support from scratch!

That’s why I’m super excited about the appointments we have made to date. I feel passionate about how Fiona McAlinden, the Director of Hearth Allied Health, is building out a true interdisciplinary team of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech Pathologists. The Allied Health offering also includes Positive Behaviour Support led by Kelly Quirk.

The great news is, after a lot of hard work we now have Allied Health and Positive Behaviour Support capacity! We have been able to recruit some awesome therapists – The challenge for us now is to ensure that our clients are the first people that we service. Please let us know if you need support by completing a Hearth service request form as soon as possible!

One takeaway from the zoom on Monday night was the need to communicate succinctly what Positive Behaviour Support is and how to engage with it. Kelly very kindly has put together a short video (click here) to give you some detail. Please don’t hesitate to contact her on alliedhealth@hearthaustralia.com.au if you would like further information.

  • Hearth Housing Update

As you are aware I have been working on a solution (see short Housing video) to solve the problem for 94% of people not eligible for SDA housing, for over two years.

This has certainly been a challenging and complex task. The good news is we have made tremendous progress matching several families and I am confident we will purchase 1 – 2 houses before the end of the year. Hopefully we will be able introduce the matched families to their new home before Christmas!

Finally, please register your interest (by completing a service request form) as soon as possible if you would like to engage with any of the Hearth Allied Health service offerings, to avoid disappointment.

Thank you again for your continued support and stay safe.

Warm Regards

Justin Scanlon

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