Managers dedicated to building relationships

Key to our pledge to always provide responsive and highly personalised support is our team of dedicated Relationship Managers.

Hearth Relationship Managers

Our team will help find and match the right support workers for you, whether you have an NDIS plan or are a TAC recipient requiring in-home or community support. Our Relationship Managers will manage all rostering and payments to free up your precious time. A key role in Hearth, someone who really gets to know the person with a disability and the support workers, enabling informed judgement in matching support workers to participants.

Relationship Managers

With principles of quality support and teamwork guiding them, our Relationship Managers can locate and help you choose support workers best suited to your needs, then manage the service of those support workers, day in, day out. They'll also take care of rostering and payments at no extra cost, to free up your precious time. Always in a timely and professional manner.

Where it matters, they can also guide you to specialist local networks who will help you achieve your goals. And if you need more specialised support, they can help connect you with expert specialists throughout the disability sector.

The goal based support comes together on a market leading application, Ryver, provided at no cost to you. It collects the daily evidence of progress supporting your NDIS goals & review process.

When it comes to creating your support network, your appointed Relationship Manager will:

  • carefully select support workers and coordinate their initial screening and training;
  • provide suggestions to you for your approval;
  • ensure support workers become competent in meeting your individualised support needs;
  • facilitate and lead our team of support workers;
  • help your support team work with you to realise personal goals that matter to you; and
  • provide updates on useful local and national news and information relating to your individualised support.

We build a real sense of collaboration throughout our organisation, designed to engender pride, trust and confidence in all our people.