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A revolutionary approach to Housing - Hearth Housing

Some Background:

A solution for the 94% of people with a disability who do not have an independent housing solution as they are not eligible for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). SDA is where the NDIS fund modified housing that people without a disability would generally not live in.

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Our approach to housing has been developed after a detailed study across the past 2+ years of the housing options available to people with a disability, including extensive engagement of many experts supported by PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). It is our belief that most people with a disability are more than able to live in housing embedded in the community that does not need significant modification. The challenge for these people who because of their disability are not able to gain employment to pay the rent, is that Government rental support is insufficient to cover the cost of renting somewhere with suitable access to family, transport and amenities.

there are

4 key elements
Hearth Melbourne Housing


Participant First

Houses purchased towards the end of the process.
The aim over time is to build a portfolio of apartments, townhouses and houses (2 – 4 bedroom) embedded in the community, owned by a separate but related entity to Hearth for the exclusive use of people with a disability


Participant Choice

A level of choice and control is important.
Choice about where to live, who to live with and which support workers they work with. It is a rental model with the properties owned by a separate but related entity from Hearth. There is a choice as to whether there is a financial gap to pay privately or not, depending on the location of the home and some other factors.


Housing Formats

2- or 3-bedroom houses/ apartments


Housing Guiding Principles

• The home will promote independent living & be easy to maintain
• The properties should not be clustered housing, but rather embedded within local communities
• The homes will be situated close to public transport & support services should be accessible

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Our 5 stage process

  • Stage 1

    Understanding and Eligibility.

    • Questionnaire to document the needs, and circumstances of the participants/family/guardians
    • Opportunity for preliminary questions, concerns to be raised, to gain understanding, including potential financial costs involved
    • Screening of eligibility for Hearth Housing, including NDIS plans, DSP, CRA, financial capacity considerations
    • Other, including potential OT, Health and Safety
  • Stage 2

    Planning and Agreement

    • Decision Point – Progress to the next stage, delay, or do not progress to the next stage
    • Detailed checklist of the actions involved in the transition to independent living in Hearth Housing, and potential timelines involved. Include review of impact on NDIS plans (including potential NDIS funded modifications)
    • Review of the key Agreements involved, including Lease Rental Agreements, House Rules and Other Agreements between Hearth and Participant Tenants, Parents or Guardians
    • Preliminary financial transactions flow chart
    • Decision Point – Progress to the next stage, delay, or do not progress to the next stage
  • Stage 3

    Matching of tenants

    • The potential participants and parents/guardians meet, facilitated by Hearth
    • Critical success factors
    • Risks to be considered
    • Decision Point – Progress to the next stage, delay, or do not progress to the next stage
  • Stage 4

    Finding the best house

    • Develop and agree the specifications
    • Sourcing and Options, Due Diligence, Section 32
    • Financial Business case (Hearth)
    • Secure Funding (if applicable)
    • Updated financial transactions flow chart
    • Approve Purchase (if applicable)
  • Stage 5

    Transition to independent living

    • Detailed transition plan and checklist
    • Pre and Post Care Team Plan
    • Risk management plan
    • Execute lease agreement(s) and House rules
    • Prepare IT, security and safety systems set up
    • Manage physical move

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Current Opportunities

Seeking Housemate(s) - 2 current Opportunities

We now have two opportunities to match a housemate with one of our existing participants, in a Hearth House, one to be located in the South East Melbourne Metro area and the other in the North West Melbourne Metro area. The exact locations will be determined in collaboration with the families as we work through the process ahead of the purchase.

  • Modern 3 or 4 bedroom house
  • Share with 2 or 3 other participants of a similar profile
  • 24 x 7 in home support care, with Hearth, a leading quality provider of Disability Support and Allied Health
  • Long term secure and affordable rental
  • Ready to move in this year

In his mid-20’s, he has a friendly manner, likes music and enjoys time with family and friends. Undertakes daily activities and outings, with his Support Worker, and requires overnight support to assist with his living activities.   His goals include developing recreational activities and keeping fit.

His ideal housemates can be of a similar age, and profile, being male or female, and would also enjoy their own space and peace in the house.  Being able to share in the household duties and developing harmonious friendships is very important to him. 

You have an NDIS plan, are eligible for Government Supports to contribute towards rent (including the Disability Support Pension, and Commonwealth Rental Assistance), and are willing and able to collaborate through a matching process with Hearth and the housemate, before considering this important move into a Hearth House.

If you have a goal to live independently, have a similar profile to our participant, and are keen to find out more detail on this opportunity to become a housemate, please email at housing@hearthaustralia.com.au

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