Client Intake Team

Client Intake Team
Hearth understands...
  • Participants vary enormously by personality, goals, interests, age, and disability.
  • Every Participant and family situation is unique
Hearth has...
  • A dedicated sector experienced Client Intake Team who facilitates and ensures a seamless hassle-free onboarding of new Clients
  • A Responsive and personalised stage & gate process which onboards new clients
  • Supported by a proven successful process to build and manage sustainable support
Hearth's approach is to...
  • Firstly, establish a relationship with the Client and or Participant to understand the Participants goals, interests, and support needs
  • We can move quickly to set up supports, especially when less complex, such as community access. But we find for more complex participants, it can take time to build the right sustainable supports.
  • To rush can compromise the quality and sustainability. Every participant and family situation is unique
Establish a relationship to understand the Participants goals, interest, and support needs.

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