This is what our participants are saying about Hearth's different approach

with local Relationship Managers creating genuine, human connections

We provide:

  • flexible shift options
  • choice to bring your support workers
  • home and community support

We are focused in Metropolitan Melbourne

Founded on personal experience - Justin’s story

Justin had little experience with disability before he and his wife learned that their son had Cerebral Palsy. They both realised that Tristan required specific support to match his needs. Hearth was founded to provide responsive support without the hassle, while understanding that every person with a special need is different and unique. Justin continues to wear two hats everyday. One, as a founder of Hearth and the other, like many, a parent of a person with a complex disability.

Hearth Relationship Managers

Our team will help find and match the right support workers for you, whether you have an NDIS plan or are a TAC recipient requiring in-home or community support. Our Relationship Managers will manage all rostering and payments to free up your precious time. A key role in Hearth, someone who really gets to know the person with a disability and the support workers, enabling informed judgement in matching support workers to participants.

A relentless focus on you

In everything we do, we focus first on what's best for people, whether they be our participants, families or support workers. Our conversations with you about your needs and experiences help shape the way we provide you with the highest standard of individualised support. Our NDIS and TAC approved services are informed by experience. Our connections with leaders in the each field guarantee the services we deliver are informed by specialist insights and the very best thinking.

We recognise that no one has all the answers. But by always putting your needs front and centre, we believe we have the best possible chance of helping you enjoy greater choice, control and independence in your life.

  • What sets our support workers apart is their unwavering focus on understanding your needs and helping you achieve a life of comfort and dignity. Our support workers are selected for their rare mix of understanding, commitment and skill. You are also welcome to bring your own existing support workers to join our team.

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    At Hearth, you will always make the final decision about who will form your support team.

    We will continue to train and guide our support workers until you are confident they're able to meet your needs and they're able to provide you consistently high quality service. As well as supporting you at home, our team can bring you up-to-date information about support networks in your local area, and where activities and services important to you can be accessed.

  • We set out to create more time for families to be together. So we will relieve you of administrative tasks and we will aim to respond quickly to your needs. We also provide flexible shift options and prioritise punctuality in our support workers as a virtue.

    Hearth partners with a market leading provider, "Deputy" for the best scheduling & planning technology.

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    We are currently focussed on providing services in Melbourne’s Inner East, Outer East and Bayside.

    Families and guardians will be enabled to do more of what’s important at home and away. They will do so knowing that their loved ones with special needs will continue to develop and progress with Hearth support. In case of unforeseen events, we have systems in place to respond quickly, and to help achieve a positive resolution for everyone, especially in urgent cases.

  • We believe the right to feel safe, secure, and respected and are not to be taken lightly.

    We are a fully accredited NDIS provider, providing you the assurance of quality in everything we do.

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    Human rights and the opportunity for everyone to live a dignified life are at the heart of what we do. So for us, ensuring our support workers are able to build positive relationships based on trust and mutual respect is paramount. We have no tolerance for any action, behaviour or attitude which might place an individual with a disability at risk.

    Security and safety are equally important, so all our carers, Relationship Managers and staff must successfully pass Working with Children, Police and reference checks.