Erin Leif


PhD, BCBA (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst)

Erin is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and Senior Lecturer. She is passionate about the science of human behaviour, learning, language, and cognition (why we do what we do!) and how we can best use this science to create engaging, effective and enjoyable educational programs for all learners. In 2018, she joined the faculty at Monash University, where she currently works in the Educational Psychology and Inclusive Education academic community.

Erin is currently interested in research evaluating effective tactics for training scientist-practitioners to engage in evidence-based practice in real world settings. One of her primary research interests involves the exploration of strategies for building the capacity of the workforce to better support individuals with additional needs (especially children and young people with behaviours of concern, who are most at risk for exclusion and social isolation).

Erin joined the Faculty of Education at Monash in 2018 to lead the Master of Education in Applied Behaviour Analysis program. Applied behaviour analysis offers a comprehensive framework for both discovering and understanding the environmental variables that influence socially significant behaviours and developing an effective technology for helping people overcome problems to become more independent, productive and happy members of society.

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