Gemma Holleran

Senior Speech Pathologist

B.SpPath (Speech Pathology) CPSP

Gemma has a unique understanding and appreciation of the privilege of being able to work with individuals and families to achieve meaningful and positive goal orientated outcomes. Driven by her lived experience Gemma decided to pursue a career in Speech Pathology from a very young age. Gemma was inspired by the Speech Pathologists and other Allied Health professionals supporting her brother, who has complex needs.

During her university years Gemma worked at the Association for Children with a Disability as the sibling support worker. This role immersed Gemma into the disability sector and gave her experience in working with families of children with a disability.

Gemma has significant experience working with children and adults with a disability and is highly skilled in working with people with complex communication needs and implementing alternative communication strategies and systems of all kinds.

Some of Gemma’s extensive training in Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems includes:

Gemma is highly regarded in the sector having presented at national and international conferences and is skilled in writing and delivering training for other professionals and the broader community. Also, Gemma has an excellent understanding of the complexities and requirements of the NDIS.

Her personal and professional experience with disability means that Gemma is passionate about creating equality and ensuring that all people have access to the services and assistance they require.

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